Single Pitch Award Training

When: Tuesday 08.08.17 – Thursday 10.08.17 (9am-5pm)
Where: Mid-Cornwall
Price: £160pp

Bunkhouse accommodation is available if required at an additional £20pp/pn.

Course Info:

The Single Pitch award, or SPA, is a national climbing qualification for those who wish to supervise groups on single pitch crags or climbing walls.

During the SPA training we will cover a range of skills, such as rope management, correct use of equipment, rescue techniques, group etiquette, group management, emergency procedures, choice of venue, access and conservation.

In order to be eligible for the SPA training course candidates must:

  • Be an active rock climber and have an interest in the supervision of novices,
  • Be at least 18 years old,
  • Have a minimum of 12 months climbing experience,
  • Have led 15 outdoor trad climbs, where the protection is leader placed.
  • Between training and assessment, candidates are expected to gain experience both in terms of supervision and personal climbing experience.

To enquire about this course, contact us here.

 Single Pitch Award Assessment

6pm-9pm, Friday 11.08.17
9am-6pm, Saturday 12.08.17
9am-6pm, Sunday 11.08.17
Total Course Duration: 21hrs
Where: Mid-Cornwall
Price: £135pp
Bunkhouse accommodation available if required at an additional £20pp/pn.

Course Info:

The SPA assessment covers all aspects and skills expected of a competent climbing instructor, including; personal lead-climbing, group supervision and rope rescue.

To attend this course, candidates must:

  • Have completed an SPA training course, or have gained exemption.
  • Hold a valid first aid certificate (minimum of 16hrs)
  • Have a logbook that has been kept up to date.
  • Have completed at least 40 routes, climbed in a traditional manner (leader placed protection) some of which must be at severe grade.
  • Other experience such as sports climbing, abseiling and bouldering should be logged if relevant.

The SPA assessment starts at 6pm on Friday evening.

To enquire about this course, please contact us here.